Josh Leferman

Class Year: 2023

Bio: I had too many ideas for what to put in my bio. Here’s just a couple:

My name is Josh and I’m here to say,

I hope you are having a fabulous day!

If at first you don’t succeed,

Try try try try try try again.

I like puns, and if you don’t then you can never earn the Josh-certified “dad” certificate 😛

Math and music major, yet somehow can’t do basic arithmetic or know like literally any songs

Yo! I’m a (redacted) trapped in a Josh’s body. Please make it stop, let me out, o my god, no please, the dysphoria, ah . . . but yeah I’m a sophomore at Tufts and am also a maths music major, hence why we have the same classes. . . can I go now? I wish to escape this fleshy prison.

(Ignore that, this person made a demonic contract with me to only be there in a time of need, and this doesn’t count (redacted))

this bio is classified- only those with level eleventy-seven security clearance can view this

Why are you even reading this? I’m like the most boring guy in existence- I haven’t even heard of a tv show or movie (and I’m almost not kidding)

Sorry to waste your time with this word vomit- you should really be looking at somebody else’s bio lol

Solos: It’s Not All About You o.p.b. Lawrence

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