WOW what an AMAZING group of auditionees! Thank you so so much to everyone who auditioned, we loved and appreciated hearing all of your voices. Unfortunately we can’t offer callbacks to everyone, but we are happy to announce that the following individuals are invited to our callbacks on Thursday (9/8) night:

FALL 2022 CALLBACKS from Wednesday night (9/7) auditions!!!

Anson Kwan

Ariella Mann

Carly Siciliano

Kenan Oktay

Anupriya Lulla

Hannah Guglin

FALL 2022 CALLBACKS from Tuesday night (9/6) auditions!!!

Krisha Mongia

Anika Govil

Yair Wall

Wylie Doak

Siyu He

Abby Johnson

We had an amazing time listening to all of your beautiful voices and really encourage you to audition again next semester!


Tufts sQ!

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